Rudeboy (P-Square) – Somebody Baby

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Rudeboy (P-Square) – Somebody Baby

One half of the estrange music group “P-Square”, Rudeboy releases his second single for the year. The song titled “Somebody Baby” was produced by “Chris String” and “Rudeboy”.

Listen and Enjoy!

Download Mp3: Rudeboy (P-Square) – Somebody Baby


  1. Anonymous

    nice one boss

  2. Anonymous

    izagie nice track

  3. Nice one

    Nebo Mary

  4. finest

    join ur broder

  5. Young musictian

    Make peace with your brother and live as one

  6. Kizzy Slight

    Join Ur Brda Let C Progress Around De World

  7. Prince.Dennis

    let dem follow their fate each,dey can’t be together 4ever.i love dem both equaly but let dem do their own tin,and u ll nver c quarel again.

  8. Prince.Dennis

    i love them both equaly,but let dem do their own tin,and u ll nver see nor hear quarel again.but remember they ll b best friends for life despite they ve gone their separate ways.

  9. zickynage

    let dem mak peace jooo

  10. suN Boy from suN member

    Pasua ma wimbi

  11. Am(Mr white)am just a on coming star

    God knowns everything,u guys r one blood not 2 blood,pls for dey sake of God,just do ur fans a favours,u guys should go back to dey normal position,pls

  12. Philip Augustine

    I Philip e big friend of dey t brother but t be frank i dnt inserts of what hopping wit dem as well, pls let dem come together as t make us as fans, for now dey music is nt egos well as dey p squar again, i real embock t hair dem coming together as one . Wit diss we dey fans we will happy as much.

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