Stidman – Only You

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Stidman - Only You

is out with another single to show his fans some love on Valentine’s Day.

The “Afro-pop” singer, gifted his fans with a new single to mark Valentine’s Day 2020 with the Legit Valentine Party. “Never underestimate the importance of having a person in your life who can always make you smile. I’ve been so, so, so honored,” he said.

He also elaborated on why #OnlyYou should be dedicated to that special person this Valentine.

“The first thing to say to reassure your woman that you love her is to tell her how happy you are to be hers. It is ultimately going to work because every woman on Earth wants to know it. It’s also a sign for them to know that they do their job right and you cherish the love between you two.” Love and kindness are never wasted

Only you – another single after the release of ’s 2019 Legit EP that includes 7 songs.


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