“South South Portharcourt Afro-Hiphop Reloaded 2. See Five Extraordinaire Rappers: The Bold Southern goddess, And Kings Of Lyricism From The South Side.”

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Rap music is in a great futuristic longevity, with continual design of progress and unending development in the Southern part of Nigeria. Mentioning few greats in our previous edition of this content, was an ample opportunity keeping close mark and records behind talented rappers from our city. Same time, we come around dishing this newer flare to expose more greats and up comings in the music industry of the south side.

Mind you, the city of Port-harcourt is so “rich” and the talents there in the south are almost unseen, some close to hidden introspection. Well, the city of “Portharcourt” is blessed richly and surmounts the Niger Delta region in southern entertainment horizon. And of course If you followed our previous content here on this topic, you’ll come to understand why this particular edition wouldn’t be the long read like the previous. But headed for the light and eventually crowns another set of skillful south side hopstars. Our team has considered this ones, crowning them on this edition as “extraordinary.” Not excluding their high dexterity in the rap business among contemporaries in Nigerian music scene.

Hip-hopmusic in the southern part of Nigeria is blooming continuous, and it’s even a wiser decision we’ve taken bringing to your gaze this set of extraordinaire. So, we’ll like you to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the sip of essential fact. Meanwhile we’re preparing a much hotter edition here.. even sooner. So stay tuned

“Unusual Brethren”

Enjoy this ride!

                                                                                  Arlene Alsina

1. Arlene Alsina:

The bold southern lyrical goddess: Arlene, who can actually partake in your commune as favorite female south side rapper. Showing her classy rap style is even wonderful, while she exudes great uniqueness. Of course, she deserves to be called “extraordinaire” how her precious art and classic style of rap taste like fine wine, indeed.

Arlene is a very smart kid who does wordplay perfectly, as she goes very unmistaken. Blotting extraordinary lyrics, which often cause ones cerebral pulse to focus on her sassy and alluring flows which is streamlined catchy, well deserved listening from A-Z.

Arlene becomes very wonderful and amazing when she comes up on stage. Her performance which lights everyone up, and makes the whole building burn heavy. She’s hot and commands destructible flows with her stylish punchlines. While she often goes realistic on her music, lavishing heavy confidence in the art. Well, I personally consider this young female act a goddess, because she totally commands the flow, and she leads the new school female south side hip-hop rap stars. Arlene’s new school, and she’s pretty adorable. Worth listening —to.

                                                                                                  Timi Kei

2. Timi Kei:

The first true King of great lyricism from Pitakwa. Timi Kei is a wonder worker, this guy in just one word is — extraordinary.

When it comes to…rap? He blots lyrics that comes with divine essence and his perfect rendition which goes super energetic. His performance on stage is an exclusive pursuit which involves deep accuracy, heavy confidence and even great lavishing of wordplay with distinct dexterity.

Timi Kei is practical extraordinary. This guy’s lyrics can save your soul incredibly, he speaks like the messenger who gives a direct instruction from “divine”. He’s vibe is thick and it eludes negativity at every sip. Coming with an unusual hot and unique savoring taste: like the Black Man’s Nescaf coffee tea made with sweet spice to blot gracious savor after a mixture with milk to create heavenly taste and hedonism.

Timi Kei’s considered as the blessed one, with his brink talent which he uses to twist poetic flows with extreme punchlines which seem like he passes a judgement of equality on sonic. A king of first reign amidst extraordinaire featured on this edition. His tracks sounds godly and it comes really glorious. Listen and testify.


3. Kaptain:

Another king of smooth lyricism — Kaptain, is a very wonderful act who creates exquisite tunes with both afro-hip-hop, and afro-pop basically. He designs a place were he spew catchy flows on any beat he climbs on.

He serves his tunes with a purpose I perceive to make the listener either dance or take specific time to ponder upon, and upon taking his life easier. Kaptain seem to fully understand lives sneak peaks, so he makes tunes to keep one moving toward “self motivation”.

Kaptain’s extraordinary as well, and he suits this edition with every deep genuity. Kaptain is bold and sassy when spitting his flow. And his flows firmly comes like hyssop which ends up rolling mundane away. Sometimes, you can dance to his music and of course you can as well always enjoy his punchlines. How he curates them synthetically with deep guts for rhyming neatly, and where he goes totally constructive and brilliant. Kaptain can as well be called: the extraordinary lyricist who grease gracious tunes unto your feet, something powerful which can still serves as thoughtful essence basically. You would enjoy listening to Kaptain!

                                                                                              Payper Corlene

4. Payper Corlene:

Extraordinary edition for extraordinary rappers from the south side power. Payper Corlene stands fit with his weapon of destruction spitting fire flows, with sweet wordplays and circumspect rhymes.

Corlene’s got catchy slik flow, and his styling don’t dull moments. Whenever he handles rapping on a track, he ends up exuding a very severe heat of styling a magnetic and sticky flow basically. He always ends enticing and very captivating. With his magic construct which we call flow. Corlene releases an appreciative savor steadily, continually and candy crushing the beat with every progression and services a very unique essence with the art he churnes. Sometimes, he greases loving and feelings as a true south side hopper – EXTRAORDINARY.

Although he does slight street hopping, but its lovely and exquisite as the beat rolling’s on. Meanwhile he continues designs with the south side putting out good undiminishing light, using our unique genuine Afro-Hip-hop genre on special Stan. A great act, and great art. Call him one word – extraordinary.


5. T-West:

T-west, a very courageous act who shows extreme extraordinary abilities on tunes very dangerously. He makes the list as our top five on this edition of extraordinaire. No doubt, he’s a captivating and very soothing rap star from the south side region.

He’s got gracious tunes, with very loveable vocals which exudes his pedigree of delivering great and tremendous. T—west is a unique star from the south. What he does is different, even outstanding. One word lays the perfect remark – Extraordinary.

T-west does the rap exclusively, using street slangs and showing forth south side bleeds from his tunes basically. I’m very sure you’ll love what he does. “It’s your boy T-west”

To Be Continued.

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