Femi Kuti’s Son Reveals What People Thinks They Do At The Shrine

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’s son has spoken out on the belief in some quarters that people are being sacrificed at the Afrika Shrine.

Made Kuti, son of Afrobeats maestro, , has said people sometimes assume that human sacrifices are offered at the Afrika shrine.

In a video interview with Naij, Made who is a member of his father’s band, Positive Force Band, said the shrine is home for him.

He said:

“Growing up in the shrine, it was normal. My first shock of the shrine was the stigma it had when I started going to high school. I have heard some crazy stuff. People think we sacrifice people at the shrine. I have heard that we kill people in broad daylight and worship them with gods or something; I think it’s a stupid rumour. I have heard some really bad things.

“To me it’s home. I know everyone that works here and coming back, I met new faces; I trying to meet everybody again. People think of the shrine as a place of worship, but that is not what this is. It is a sacred place; that’s why my dad termed it this, ‘I’m Fela, there is no god; I don’t believe in any god, not traditional, not Christian not Muslim or Scientologist’. I have grown up very free-minded.

“It doesn’t matter where you are coming from; it doesn’t matter your belief; it doesn’t matter your race; it doesn’t matter your class; if you walk in here, you are going to dance in the same dance hall like everyone else. It’s a place of equality; that’s how I believe and that’s how I felt.”

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