Man Threatens to Shoot Kunle Afolayan Over This Shocking Reason

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Filmmaker has spoken about his vintage car.

The actor, who recently acquired a 1965 Ford Thunderbird, is on the set of his new flick, ‘Mokalik.’

Afolayan explained, “Most times, people don’t care who is in the car. From afar, you can see them staring. Then, when they now see that it is me, they now like to say hello and all of that. But the first thing is that they are surprised that such cars can still be in existence. And it’s good, you know, because it sets you aside and it gives you some sorts of fulfillment for the fact that all eyes are on you, not that you’re driving Ferrari but you’re driving something that’s like 60 years old, even older than you.

“A few times, people have stopped me and said; please, can we take pictures with you, can we take pictures with the car, can I see inside? That happens all the time. I remember there was a day somebody in Lekki, the guy was driving a new Range Rover and he said to me, ‘you know I can shoot you and collect your car . So, you get comments like that.”

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