Michael Essien Dated Princess Shyngle Who 99.9% Of Men Couldn’t Satisfy Sexually

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Ghana based Gambian has named former Blackstars footballer Michael Essien as one of the 99.9% of boyfriends who couldn’t satisfy her in bed, thus, making her to resort to the use of dildos as she revealed about 2 weeks ago.

Shyngle is scheduled to appear on Delay’s show this weekend and in a teaser of her upcoming appearance, Delay manages to get her to admit she dated Michael Essien after initially trying to deny it.

Since she dated Essien and she said no man has ever been able to satisfy her, it stands to reason that the former Chelsea midfielder failed to do his job whilst dating her leading her to turn to her trusty Love Machine.

Shyngle even admitted that she kissed Essien in a club.

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