Nicki Minaj Comes For Safaree & His Hairline On Their Twitter Rant

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has been on her press run the last days after Queen’s release. You would only expect that when speaks to the media, there will be some controversy. After sitting with her former arch-enemy Funk Flex last night, she spoke about accusations that Safaree was haunting her. Since then Safaree has responded extensively on Twitter, where he tackles their relationship problems and more. clearly saw some of his tweets on her timeline and now she has published her own comment.

Thursday’s episode of “Queen Radio” on Beats1 becomes spicy, but Nicki’s Twitter gave a taste of what to expect. The Barbie Dreams emcee searched Safaree for the things he previously claimed on Twitter, including denying that he was using her credit card for prostitutes.

“You stole my card and told me that you thought it was an account of” free money “that I did not know about, God will beat you and lie more to God She wrote” Jesus came to my house CRYING BEGGING to go to Europe with me to the EMAs. I said NO DUMMY ”

She also claimed that Safaree was also trying to get back to her when Meek Mill was about to come home and said he was crying at her home. That is equally strange, because she also claimed that he asked Nicki and Meek Mill to get someone Unclad for him.

To make things even better, also went to Safaree over his hairline and claimed that she paid $ 10,000 for him to get it done to the same doctor who did Tyga’s. Yikes.

Check out the tweets below: