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Teni Breaks Silence Over News Of Her Attempted Kidnap



Teni Breaks Silent Over News Of Her Attempted Kidnap

has excused bits of hearsay making adjusts from a video via web-based media purportedly showing what was accepted to be a fizzled abduct endeavor of the vocalist during a presentation in Rivers state.

Following the development of the video via web-based media, shared a video of her leaving for the air terminal the next morning, with the inscription “I wear japaaaa ooo.”

The post was misconstrued by numerous individuals as affirming the seize occurrence yet the vocalist’s latest update has illuminated the occasion.

Unfortunately, numerous news mediums and web journals conveyed the story just like a capture endeavor, with next to no type of examination.

However, writing via her Instagram story, said the incident was nothing more than a brawl backstage. “It all happened so fast, there was no incidence of kidnap. A fight started backstage and that lead to a stampede,” the ‘For You‘ singer wrote on her Instagram story.

Teni Breaks Silent Over News Of Her Attempted Kidnap

This dispels any confusion on news that has been making rounds and squashes any contention the occurrence had created.

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