An Underrated Song – Burna Boy ‘Odogwu’ Review

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burna boy odogwu review

  • makes a return with another classic titled ‘Odogwu’

  • The could have done more as his glory in the media was downsized even after declarig himself the ‘Champion’ in ‘Odogwu’

With “When I reach Igbo land them calling me Odogwu (Odogwu) And as I enter the town I put am for agu (Odogwu) And nobody can stop you, na so we dey fly pass oh Over any obstacle e be Odogwu (Odogwu)”, Burna boy started his vocal in his 2020 single Odogwu‘.

The monster hit produced by Kel P is superb. The super talented  afro-fusion producer have been on several records with . He produced some classic tunes off ’s grammy nominated studio album.

‘Odogwu’ is an Igbo word that translates to ‘Champion’. It is mostly given to renowned warriors who are known to be fearless and victorious. Burna narrates the story of how he got appraisals from chiefs and youths in Igbo land. He went on to talk about the Igbo culture and their women.

went from an African superstar to a global brand. His performance at the Cochella, his feature on Beyonce’s Lion the King album and the recent recognition by Recording academy’s Grammy Award. ’s was recognized and nominated for the world album award at the just concluded grammys.

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Though Burna lost the grammys to Beninese singer, Angelique Kidjo, the afro-fusion star went on to create an award for himself in ‘Odogwu’.

The sound is magical, rhythmical and sequential. Burna borught out the beauty of the song, painting the perfect picture with is melodious voice. One spectacular thing about is his easy going voice. His thick and sexually appealing vocals bring out the rainbows behind the song. He encapsulates his cultures in any sounds he is on be it Caribbean, American, or what have you. His lyrical prowess is magnificient. It is something I have never seen. Burna could make a monster hit from anything  or anyone at any time.

The music video is epic. It further converts Burna’s story to a visual masterpiece. The video is colourful and storytelling.

Despite dishing out ‘Odogwu’ when the world was desperately in need of some new Burna boy sound, the new material hasn’t received the media attention it deserved. It recorded little or no air plays especially in his home country Nigeria.

Though the music video has amassed over two million views in two weeks on popular video streaming platform, Youtube, it is only a little milestone for this masterclasss.


Production – 4/5

Lyrics – 5/5

Performance – 4/5


Reviewd by  DAT KULGEE


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