Mr. P (P-Square) – Ebeano (Internationally)

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Mr. P (P-Square) – Ebeano (Internationally)

Mr. P of the defunct Hip-hop group, P-Square, is out with a new song for your listening pleasure. He titled the new song, Ebeano (Internationally).

Ebeano is a follow-up to his monster single – “My Way“. Ebeano was produced by Kealz Beat.

Appreciate good music below.

Download Mp3: Mr. P (P-Square) – Ebeano (Internationally)


  1. Meddlesome

    It’s lovely and danceable

  2. Meddlesome

    It’s lovely and danceable, you’re to much Mr. P, all the different style of your music is danceable for those that knows the quality of your music like myself…..

  3. senusi

    Mr p, carry on I lake your style

  4. Swanpe

    Always different from others…..this is good music Mr P

  5. Queency

    U are bless Mr p

  6. indrysh

    good song,nice song. Mr p is good. Mr p sing,Mr p dance. in solo I think Mr p is better than Rudy, Mr p charismatic,creative,. people like the styll of Mr p. styll unique, naiga revolution. Mr p thank you for : cool it down, for my head, my way ,look into my eyes. we waiting video ebeano.
    .your body na ebeano.

  7. Shiv Lila

    Keep it up bro

  8. C-mighty

    Big bros!!! Me no go only talk say u too much, but na u biko, Kudos baba.

  9. parjay

    good song… Mr p you always burst my brain. ride on

  10. mr.kinskyy 05¥

    mr.p my best dancer

  11. Margret idiku

    Mr p nice one loving ur music an ur dance step only na mr p p

  12. peter

    that my man keep it up, backwards never, I love it

  13. joseph

    I love the song keep it up Mr p
    Release another song that is more sweeter than for my head please
    Over here we are feeling your swagger

  14. Emmanuel . M

    Wow.. I love this.. Nice one bro ..God bless you .

  15. Anonymous

    Mr p
    U re d best
    I lyk ur style

  16. TO90

    I LV IT

  17. Emmanuel

    Good one

  18. Job Clement

    from grass to grace you are going higher Mr p, god will bless the MAN dat not PROUD dat is ur name

  19. Alakpes

    Mr p
    we love your songs and we will keep loving it. keep it up

  20. Law-best2016

    Nice work

  21. ajiy

    Mr p never give up good is with u g

  22. Stephen Zemsing

    fantastic song from a talented man
    can’t love u less…. keep on bursting our head wit ur hits

  23. Zemsing Stephen

    Wow!! I can’t stop putting this song on a replay… Dupe u for ur effort mr. P my number 1 artist in the whole world

  24. mr Busy

    thanks God 4 U

  25. Lion Bright nkereuwemu

    No musician inspiring me like mrp and rudeboy I love u

  26. Mike

    I like dis

  27. chiboy

    I will never forget p square song (no one like you)

  28. ade paul

    Mr peeeeeeee…….. you my guy for life, if I can meet you, I will like u to teach me ur dstep, u 2 much abeg sample me……….abeano…4 life

  29. joe

    I knw y sins from newtwn mr p how u dance ur d king of african dance man I love it

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