Darkoo ft. Omah Lay – Whiskey

Darkoo ft. Omah Lay – Whiskey

“Whiskey” is an incredible collaboration between and that will have you vibing from start to finish.

This song is all about love, passion, and the intoxicating feeling of being in a relationship.

The smooth and melodic beats of “Whiskey” instantly draw you in. 's sultry vocals combined with 's soulful voice create a perfect blend that will captivate your ears and touch your heart.

The lyrics of “Whiskey” tell a tale of a deep and intense love. It's a song that expresses the irresistible pull and desire for someone special, comparing it to the allure of a smooth and intoxicating drink like whiskey.

With its infectious rhythm and catchy hooks, “Whiskey” is the kind of song that you can't help but sing along to. It's perfect for those late-night drives or cozy moments with your loved one.

The chemistry between and is undeniable, and their collaboration on “Whiskey” showcases their incredible talent and ability to create a memorable musical experience.

Not to mention, we know you've been eagerly awaiting the release of this new song and we apologize for taking so long to deliver it to you. As the talented songster wanted to make sure it was perfect for your listening pleasure.

It took a lot of hard work and dedication to get this new song out to you. To show your support, please stream the song as much as possible! We appreciate your patience and we hope you enjoy the new song.

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