Nana Yaa ft. Shaker – Misbehave (Prod. by Shaker)

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Nana Yaa ft. Shaker – Misbehave (Prod. by Shaker)

Songstress NanaYaa has released a new single off her manye1 album titled ‘Misbehave’ featuring BBNZ signed artiste and ‘Mama Yie’ hit maker lil .

According to ‘Manye 1’, this beautiful love song is an expression of understanding between lovebirds. It shows you how understanding should feels like in every love relationship.

“You know you are with the right one when he / she makes you happy and you feel free to misbehave” – NanaYaa explained the idea for the song.

Lil ’s commented on the song by saying was; “I enjoyed every bit of the writing and production process of the song”.

In responding to that comment from , NanaYaa also stated that it was like love at first sight when played her the song in the studio.


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