Davolee VS Dremo, Why Davolee is Better than Dremo (See Reasons)

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Dremo Vs Davolee

Ex YBNL rapper has been involved in a lyrical battle with DMW rapper over who is better.

Aboriomoh Femi Raymond popularly known as has been dragged to the mud by who believes is whack rapper and shouldn’t be in the hip-pop scene.

despite having several numbers on DMW songs, has not really done much for himself with his EP’s and singles. The Davido Music Worldwide has failed to record a national hit despite having all the necessary funds to pull that off.

too out time to highlight how has failed to make an impact with all the funds pushed into his sound by Davido. believes Davido is the reason Dremo is still relevant.

After their diss tracks to themselves, Dremo seems to be losing as he deviated from dropping real rap lines with amazing rhymes and unimaginable punchlines to rendering causes everywhere in his tracks Scape Goat 1 & 2.

dragged Dremo to the rap battle with “Giveaway” a track released in reply of Blaqbonez verse on Define Rap 2. The chocolate city called as he fights to retain his title as the best rapper in Africa. On replying Blaqbonez, went wild shading Dremo, Yung6ix, YCee and almost every rapper in the country.

Here are few reasons why is better than Dremo

  1. Davolee respects the rule of hip-pop with amazing rhyming schemes and unimaginable bars unlike Dremo
  2. Despite being an indigenous rapper with no huge funds on him, Davolee is still buzzing with amazing hit singles to his name.
  3. If Davolee has the funds thrown into Dremo’s career, he will definitely outclass Olamide.
  4. Lastly, Davolee plays with words that everyone could relate to (atleast everyone who understands Yoruba) unlike Dremo rapping about imaginary things.

What do you think? Is Davolee better than Dremo? Please drop comments below


Written by – Onyema Courage (@iam_kulgee)


  1. pa Ge.

    This article is lame asf.
    devolee can never. ever and will never be better than dremo.
    Devolee is actually the wack ass rapper.he is famzing greatest rapper in Africa.when he is no were close to CDQ.
    devolee is lame.and yo article is senseless.

  2. Virus hitta

    I dey tell your article na bomb. Davolee no reach dremo level. Wetin dey vex u

  3. Kris

    Let’s take em to dictions, dremo speaks clean English, davolee always use yoruba…

  4. Anonymous

    Who is davolee
    Dremo go murder am

  5. youngslim

    I love Dremo,no be lie.

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