Beautiful Actress, Tayo Sobola Speaks Out On Why People Think She’s A Bad Girl

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Nigerian movie star, , has explained why some people think she is a bad girl in a new interview.

, Nollywood actress, has admitted that she is aware that certain people think she is wild and a bad influence.

In an encounter with Sunday Scoop, she explained that she knew some people think she is a bad girl because she could appear crazy sometimes. She however said she is a calm person.

Sobola stated:-

“I can appear like someone that is crazy but my inner self speaks for me. People should stop judging a book by its cover. When you see a book, the right thing is to open it before making a conclusion.

“If you see crazy headlines about me, bloggers just want to attract readers to their blogs. When you open it, you will see something else. I am not a bad person.”

According to the new ambassador of Glee Hair, she is in love with coloured hair as she likes to try different things.

She stated:-

“I am not scared of doing new things. Coloured hair looks good on me most times, though I know it can make one look weird. But if you are bold enough as a man, I expect you to approach me even when I wear a coloured hair.

Speaking on the worth of her new endorsement, she said it was worth millions of naira and would last for a year.

“I cannot disclose the figure but it is worth millions of naira and it is valid for a year. When I was contacted to be a brand ambassador of the company, the CEO told me they settled for me because of my colourful personality.

“I have been seeing their products on social media and I like what I see. Apart from the money I got from the company, I admire the passion and determination of the CEO. I am a woman and a go-getter; so, I love it when I see hardworking women,” she said.

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