Rudeboy Responds To Mr. P’s Claim About PSquare Breakup

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Paul Okoye aka Rudeboy has responded to the trending video in which his twin brother stated that he (Peter Okoye aka Mr.P) walked out of the P Sqaure group because his brother always disrespects his family.

Rudeboy responds to the claim made by his twin brother, Mr. P, saying that he is lost and confused. The Reality singer alluded to being taken aback by his brother’s statement.

He said; “Trust me people, I don’t know. The way you people are lost and confused about this issue is the way I am.

Rudeboy went on to reveal that he has been under pressure to tell his side of the breakup story but he insisted that he would not make any public revelation about the topic. His reaction was captured in a video that surfaced on the internet.

Watch the video below


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