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HeartWork EP Artwork

There has always been a problem: has a better lyric skill than Mayorkun and Davido his label director. It’s a brilliant quality in the scene completely filled with afro-pop, where everyone wants to dance or sing. But what Mayorkun and OBO have no doubts about is a better understanding of how the ideal Naija song works. Choirs represent 90% of the song here in the album and these artists skillfully use lines and syllables that not only attract fans, but also remain faithful to them for a long time. A good song does not necessarily translate into success.

It is of course the cousin of the puppy of Davido, Chioma (of the assurance group), who has the greatest merit of glory, he was present to the “Amaka” of 2Baba. Some think that 2baba was paid to allow to play and make himself known. This ended up being a huge success for 2baba, which retains almost all the credit. HeartWork is going to be his first real chance to make a bold statement and that’s what he did.

Although he may not have as much connectivity with the street fans as a Davido or Mayorkun, he has proven that he can win just as much with what he is doing. On HeartWork, he finds the right balance between good sounds and a vicious business advantage. No song says it better than “Ola ft. Mayorkun”, a pretty nice medley pop, which seems to be pretty much the first one he’s ever made here.

The ideal artist understands his art better than anyone, and nothing says more than the kind of artist present in his songs. Each team works for in HeartWork. Burna Boy completes without a doubt, the most radiant song of all the songs in the album, “Champion Lover ft. Burna Boy“. An impressive love song, which gives one the highlights on an ability to make a mass love song, as well as to everyone else.

may lack an innate flavour to the street, but not only does he possess an uncanny ability to create sticky lines in his verses, but he boasts of having a bit more grain than our unusual pop artists. Exceptional qualities are invaluable assets for any singer seeking to penetrate the public. That is why Burna Boy guarantees a success in each version.

Merge part of the arena with a natural desire to have fun on a track to breed the hilarious of “Did You” and the very raw “Dina” with ‘Barry Jhay’ and the Jamaican superstar, Popcaan. A ragga cut, that is as explicit as it is brilliant. He is as rude as a child as if he were warning the gyal dem “Listen up one time. Me no come here to play. Me no run a f**king pageant. Me no Ben Bruce,” the lyrics sound.

Asking the head of the label, Davido, for the highly contagious on the track “Try”, a song with as much success as “Champion Lover”.

We see all the limelight of the artists in HeartWork and to the extent that I will give him credit, for his ability to increase the pace of rhythm, as he showed in “Sangbana”, he will have to work a little more to make a slow song. As pleasant as “Majesty” sounds, the patches of unbalanced rhythm are erased indeed. Maybe “Bleed ft. GoodGirl LA” needed something as the intensity of the “Majesty”, but he certainly did not deserve a chorus like he had. The part of “If I wait for you” was a sore on the ear.

Davido has been working very hard to make this artist heard and loved, and with 3 videos of the best songs on display. should receive all the attention he deserves. More than a filtered video of a room play would attract him to the fans. Because HeartWork is undoubtedly one of the best projects of a Nigerian artist in 2018.

Peruzzi has proven himself with his first album “HeartWork”, and deserves kudos but needed more effort to appear on the limelight.

Rating: 8/10

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