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is a name that is synonymous with entertainment, specifically Nigerian music. Founded by (picture above) as a part of The Entertainment Clinic in 2010, provides several services. is a website where beats are bought and sold; producers upload their beats on the site and artists can download for free, lease or buy the beats. is a blog dedicated to helping producers all over the world improve their production of African music genres like afropop and afrobeat. The YouTube page ( provides several tutorial videos for serious producers who want to improve their beat-making, mixing and mastering of music especially African genres.

also has a physical studio located in Abuja, Nigeria's capital where music (as well as magic!) is made. has provided beat-making, mixing and mastering services from a distance to customers all over the world including countries like USA, UK, Israel, Lebanon, France, Spain, Ukraine, Kenya, Liberia and South Africa. No matter where you reside on planet Earth, Allnaijabeats provides a unique platform to take your music (and music-making skills) to the next level.

So what does Allnaijabeats offer?


§ Free beats to download on
§ Affordable production of songs at Allnaijabeats Abuja studios
§ Customized beats for any genre type available wherever you are in the world
§ Mixing and mastering of your tracks wherever you are in the world
§ Re-mixing and re-mastering of jobs completed elsewhere
§ Advisory service on music career, promotions and management
§ Artiste management services (including legal advice for contracts).


§ Platform to upload and sell your beats
§ Production advice (beat-making, mixing and mastering) on Allnaijabeats YouTube and Blogger pages
§ Collaboration on tracks with Allnaijabeats team
§ Mixing and mastering services (share your workload)
§ Customized African-style beats for customers who want such productions
§ Management services (including legal and contract advice for dealing with artistes)
§ Remaking of beats. See a beat you like somewhere? You get something similar (and better!) made for you.

Check out the example of beat and music we produced below:


Want to contact Allnaijabeats?

§ Email:

§ BBM: 7F4F386C
§ Facebook:
§ Twitter: @allnaijabeats
§ Website:
§ Blog:
§ YouTube:


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