Wizkid – “Made In Lagos” Album Review Speculation.

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As we gravitate towards the end of the year, Christmas celebration and other celebrations that punctuates and welcomes us into the holidays, relaxation, preparing us for another year, one cannot help wondering what jams will be pulsating the air…playing on radio stations, car systems as we groove the season.

Manufacturers the world over are glamouring over what products they are going to dazzle us with, likewise fashion designers etc…the world of music where we role and grace is not left out, as the likes of are stirring us warm with expectations for their upcoming.

Exciting and nostalgic as this is, we at dared to share with u our speculation, and as sure as night and day, we expect your comments and reflections too.When is the album coming out and what do you desire?

Boji: and his team have had us on a roller-coaster for over a year now, word coming out is that the album is dropping on the 16th July 2020. I personally can't wait.

UAK: We are about receiving a graceful savor of the 's regular Afropop vibe, hopefully this one will enhance the legendary mark of Star-boy, this July. While he kept keeping us in great suspense on perfect relaxation same time, on his – Joro, Ghetto Love, and “Sound Man EP Vol.1” spot which was highly accepted, with lovely articulation which he assembled us all. It seemed best on the spot while we hoped for more off the normal routine. “MADE IN LAGOS”, which seems beyond all in all – basically.

So what do we expect from a collaboration with Teni?

Boji: From the looks of things, this will be the lead song on the album entitled “Pansa” had previously dropped a snippet of the song, and my God!!, it is going to be a killer. It sounds very Fela esque and will no doubt have the listener vibing.

UAK: Wizkid and Teniola, has always kept some shady blur between them artfully, making up “PANSA” is irregular sincerely: “nothing spoil”. Teni and the Afrobeat routine makes the snippet overwhelming and highly taken, and quite special. I could remember how this act, I mean Wiz and Teni coupled verses on the snippet, much filling, over satisfying and very much addictive. Pansa's is going to be alluring, and it seems like a head start on the album for me, because of the first sight of introduction. Production speculation – Muty4y.

What then do we expect from a collaboration with Ella mai?

Boji: In my minds eye, I can't really picture them together. One thing is certain, an Afro-R&B mashup is always going to kill; don't forget the immortal song with R2bees, “slow down, let me talk to you.” I can never forget that song, I expect this song to sound something like that.

UAK: Wiz and Ella Mai's space here would be quite electrifying. Although, I listened to a track from Ella Mai lately, and discerned her sneak peaks running a track wonder. She's already taken, lets talk a guess about her storyline which insists her glorious chorusing vocal streak, which I think on this album would leap lasting effect. The storyline, maybe talking about relationship banter just like the Jorja Smith: Be Honest track, seems to me. Looking from that perspective, one discerns, how the R&B killa lady must have to drip honest vibes with blends of the Star-boy power (afrobeat fusion). Production speculation – London.

What about a collaboration with H.E.R?

Boji: I am super excited about Wizkid working with Grammy award winning H.E.R, I love her so much and I'm super pumped for this. I legit think that H.E.R will outshine Wizkid. I expect a classic from this, nothing more. Like with Ella mai, this is going to be an Afro-R&B mashup. I won't be shocked if Wizkid features H.E.R and Ella mai on the same track instead of different individual tracks but i guess that will be an over-kill.

UAK: Wiz with another R&B lady star, H.E.R continuous the storyline.. My speculation here reads that this paints on the block which Ella Mai and Wiz left, while the banter is taken up with Ella Mai's creations lastly. H.E.R and Wizkid designs something that serves like the Burnaboy: Gum Body, track in African Giant. Imagine something different, but next to “Gum body vibe”, seems like a stepping into a glorious city of R&B with Afro fusion professionally. The American Grammy award winner, H.E.R, suits the Naija Wiz proportionally and circumspectly, persay. This track would be a glorious hit hopefully. Production speculation – Sarz.

How do we view a collaboration with Damian Marley?

Boji: I don't want to seem like i am over-excited for this album but what the heck!, I bloody am. Wizkid got Damian Marley on this album, now if you want a hit, this is it. They can go any direction with this; they could opt for a laid-back song or an afro-dancehall hit. I would love it to be a laid-back reggae song because it would sooth both their angelic voices.

UAK: Wiz and Damian Marley, again? This seems like the Jah power on this album to me. Talking about a blend of either pure reggae, dancehall, all which comes forth with the Afrocentric fusion basically. Well when the spirit of Damian Marley connects this album with a conglomeration of either gratitude, human equality, and a way of personal acceptance and truth, in my “speculation”. Then Damian's force on this album, might speculates a point where the light shines totality on darkness, with fearless motion and direction driving towards human. Hopefully. But if not, expect a dancehall afro fusion, more or less “hit music” function precisely. Production speculation – Sarz.

What do we expect from a collaboration with Starboy Terri?

Unusual Boji: I am really hoping this song is great for Terri's sake. He's been working hard but going largely unnoticed. So I think either blaqjerzee or Mut4y will jump on production for this one.

I expect a street banger, something club worthy.

UAK: Well, it likely Wiz got many more plans with his signee: Terri. Showing him off through such a great deal album is perfection, and much stripes of thrust to hold on to basically. Star-boy Terri's spot sinks deeply right through my speculation, that the regular Blaq Jerzee visitor would come to play in here. Conglomeration that more saucy for the trio acts to show forth their star powers excellently, It surely gonna be grovvy. “My speculation still” Production speculation – either Blaq Jerzee or Mut4y.

What do we expect from a collaboration with Burna Boy?

Unusual Boji: I was over excited about Damian Marley but I am extra-over excited about this feature with Burna Boy. This is a hit, anyhow, anyway, any style, any genre, this is sure to be a hit. You don't need a voodoo priest to predict that this will be produced by Kel p.

UAK: The African Giant spot with Burnaboy, would be quite amazing how both lords would merge up perfectly for the super facial “Made In Lagos – album”. well I'm expecting something spiritual and homely, which might lavish a very groovy ride away, anyway. This spot, I'm feeling to go uncontrollable with groovy and very thoughtful tune, still enjoyable in my head right here wishing. Without forgetting the Fela's spoke which might come to play and overriding the track in my own spec. Production speculation – Kel P Vibes serves it right?.

What do we expect from a collaboration with Skepta?

Unusual Boji: Wiz and Skepta's “Bad energy” is a sign of what's to come on this feature. Skepta will come in with some magical, relaxed word-play and Wizkid will just do Wizkid, i would love them to not do their usual laid-back vibe but instead opt for a club banger but in my heart I know its going to be exactly like “Bad Energy” probably to its detriment. Barring all the things i have mentioned, wizkid and skepta is chemistry and where there is chemistry, there is good music.

UAK: Wiz and Skepta has always done great deals together. Which I feel is not going to be like the Usual “Bad Energy” which have already been taken 20miles away. This time, the creations as expected is going far better than the normal but still glorious! I just feel something powerful which would take your whole breath away. Be expectant, as we all are here. Production speculation – Sarz.

What do we expect in a collaboration with Tems?

Unusual Boji: As talented as Tems is, I feel this is the feature that goes under the radar if they both do a song together without any other act like probably tay iwar joining in or something along those lines. Something about Wizkid and Tems being on a song by themselves is just not appealing to me. I love Tems but i feel she would just do a hook or something like that on one of wizkid's features. I could be wrong as this could turn out to be the biggest songs on the album. This is 50-50. Hit or Miss.

UAK: My speculation on Tem's spot with Wizkid on this album would go lustre to me, with a golden experience from her chorusing and both light vocal subjection of the track, in my whole “speculation”. Another thing came to mind, whereby showing off Tems star-power down to direct mainstream all over the globe, I see forward to her total acceptance and fine shine. Production speculation – Tay Iwar.

What do we expect from a collaboration with Tay Iwar?

Unusual Boji: I won't pretend like i have heard a lot of Tay Iwar. For this article, i listened to a few tracks and I'm going to sit on the fence with him. I feel he may just be producing a song and maybe doing a hook on the song with Wiz and skepta or Wiz and Burna or any of the two R&B ladies. Wiz may drop a song with him alone but its not something I'm looking forward to.

UAK: Sincerely, Tay Iwar's spot right here on this album serves two reason to me, because I'm never used to his form of sound at all. Tay Iwar, might get backup routine for his merge up on this album to me, with the Star-boy. I'm thinking…fascinating Tems might come through supporting the whole idea of this track on the album, while Tay Iwar's mainstream show off migh never back down the line through the album experience totally…but like they say in football: anything can happen. Production speculation – Tay Iwar.


Do you think “Made in Lagos” is a potential Grammy winning album?

Unusual Boji: Grammy's need a bit of luck but everyone makes their own luck and i think wizkid is pushing toward something legendary. Fingers crossed.

UAK: The album becoming a Grammy strike is expectant, and I think it's positive with Wizkid. Why, because of the potential feels generated from listening to a Wizkid track which of course is Grammy potent.

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